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The aim of the LR Global Kids Fund is to offer children and young adults in need a promising future and new perspectives.
At its around 30 locations worldwide, LR takes on social responsibility by supporting the children’s aid organisation. Under the motto “for a promising future”, children with limited educational and developmental opportunities are given the chance for a better future. In order to provide unbureaucratic and transparent help, LR Global Kids Fund specifically supports local children’s aid projects. Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with local organisations and institutions, LR Global Kids Fund ensures sustainable support of children and young adults. Donations are used one hundred percent where help is most needed.
In 2009, the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. was founded as a registered non-profit organisation. Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl chairs the board of LR Global Kids Fund.

LR is a member in the following organisations:


On the path to becoming a Global Player

LR was established in Ahlen (Westphalia) in 1985. Six years later, with the market entry in Austria and the Netherlands, LR successfully set the course for international success through continuous expansion into new markets. Today, we are one of Europe’s leading direct sales enterprises operating in numerous countries with 1,000 employees and approx. 300,000 independent sales partners.


We are independent sales partners of LR Health & Beauty Systems.Thanks for visiting our website. LR products represent outstanding quality and attractive prices.If you would also like to benefit from the advantages of LR, just get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Instant anti-age effect. After only 20 minutes!

No retouch.

Zeitgard Serox Mask


NEW: LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Result Mask

Instantly visible and noticeable anti-age effect. After only 20 minutes! The innovative mask with hyalorn acid, Q10 and and precious plant extracts offers an instant anti-age effect.

A special event is approaching or you just want to do something good for yourself? The LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Result Mask can be used 1-2 times a week – for special occasions when you want to look particularly great:

  • Activates your skin
  • Smoothens and tightens your skin
  • Refines your skin texture

9 out of 10 users recommend the product!*

* Dermatest study conducted on 10 test persons in August 2017




Timeless beauty must no longer remain a dream.
Preserve the youthful beauty of your facial skin with the integrated ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management. Only three easy steps to an optimal result: Visibly beautiful skin!

Only three steps to younger looking skin.


Effective anti-age management begins with a thorough cleansing.
You will experience a new dimension of facial cleansing with ZEITGARD 1 and its innovative face cleansing brush.




After a thorough deep cleansing proceed with ZEITGARD 2 to the next step for a smooth and young looking skin.




Optimally balanced for different types of skin, ZEITGARD care products complete your individual anti-age management for timeless beauty.



Comments about ZEITGARD

That’s what users of ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management say.

I am so excited about ZEITGARD because it gives you a clear skin, especially if you have issues. Minor wrinkles are actually reduced and quasi vanish away. I am an avid fan and could not live without one.
ZEITGARD is by far the best thing there is, for a more radiant, younger and cleaned fresh look to start the day or end.


Stars and Perfume

LR has established itself as a leading partner in fragrance design worldwide. LR has won the confidence of numerous stars when creating their very personal perfume.



  • LR is one of the industry giants, not only for “Beauty” but also in the sector “Health”. For many years we have been developing nutrition products with the highest quality standard to support your well-being. Our core competence: Aloe Vera.
  • Aloe Vera products are the “heart” of our nutrition assortment. Thus, the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey is not only the first LR Aloe Vera product but also the most successful LR product of all times. For a good reason:
  • When it comes to the production of our Aloe Vera Drinking Gels, we do not compromise. Strict monitoring of the cultivation is just as self-evident for us as stringent quality controls, research and development on the highest level.
  • This commitment pays out, the quality of the LR Aloe Vera Drinking Gels has been certified  twice: by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council).
  • But of course the LR competence in the nutrition sector is not limited to Aloe Vera. You can find a variety of first class nutrition products with a quality you can rely on. Discover our range!

Premium raw materials and careful processing guarantee that our products are of a high standard. Through regular internal and external checks we ensure that all LR consistently comply with the high-quality German standards.


A highly competent team of researchers and scientists supports LR with respect to raw material research, professional analyses and scientific studies.


_0007_Header_quality-inspections_film_neu.jpg Thanks to our extensive quality inspections our products enjoy an excellent reputation with regard to premium quality and reliability.


_0006_header_aloe_fresenius.jpgMany of our products have been repeatedly rewarded for their excellence, for example by INSTITUT FRESENIUS and Dermatest.


Solid Additional Income with LR

Don’t keep your health & beauty secret to yourself, but let friends and acquaintances profit from the proven LR quality as well. This is a good deal for both sides: your customers receive high quality products at fair prices and you can assure yourself a solid additional income.


Certified and Proven LR Quality

LR quality tells its own tale and LR belongs to the leading companies in the health and beauty sector for a good reason. Hundreds of thousands of convinced costumers trust in the certified and proven quality as well as in the product variety for which LR stands. Give yourself a treat and use the LR products.


LR Chance as a Partner

The LR chance is about more than “just” selling high class products. If you like, you may make LR your main occupation as well. To do this you can build up your own sales structure that will – in the long run – provide you with an attractive additional income!

LR offers its sales partners a broad range of advantages. A remuneration concept with margin and bonus payments is one of the advantages the LR partners can benefit from, the focus always being on the recognition of performance.


LR rewards the selling of products and the setting up of the partners’ own sales structures with bonus and commission payments.

Car plan

_0013_Headteaser_Car_plan_4.jpgDepending on turnover, LR offers its partners vehicles for free use. From Polo via various Mercedes models through to Porsche.


Header_AdvantagesLR rewards performance in an exceptional manner. Successful partners are invited to festive galas or extraordinary trips.

LR is one of Europe’s leading direct sales enterprises. Over 300,000 independent LR partners worldwide enjoy an attractive extra income with LR. Read more about the industry and your benefits with LR.

Direct sales

In direct sales, independent business partners sell products. Customers benefit from individual advice, partners benefit from attractive extra income.


Header_Opportunities_ohne_MercedeszeichenAt LR you can purchase products with German quality standard, make money when selling these and have the chance to become financially independent.


Header_AdvantagesAt LR you can purchase products with German quality standard, make money when selling these and have the chance to become financially independent.

In direct sales, products are sold by independent business partners. This allows them to earn attractive additional income. Some even set up their own business structures and become self-employed.

The Sector


Globally, around 70 million people are actively involved in direct sales and generate sales of over 100 billion US$ per year.



 As many other things, direct sales came to Europe from the other side of the Atlantic. But it is rooted somewhere else.



 There are many indicators that point to the importance of direct sales increasing further in the future.